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Karate Programs

Little Tigers: Ages 3-4

Our Little Tiger program is designed to teach young students Respect, Discipline, and Self Control, all while having the time of their lives.  Class sizes are limited so we may provide the best in training.

Young Warriors: Ages 4-7
Our Young Warriors class is structured so that your child is constantly learning new movements and enhancing their basic martial ability, all while improving social and behavioral skills.  They will also learn about Respect, Discipline, and Self Control.

Young Adults: Ages 7-14
Our Young Adult class teaches self defense skills with the guideline of avoding physical confrontation at all costs, through the use of common sense and social skills. If martial skills must be employed it done swiftly and will inflict damage, therefor we attempt to avoid conflict so as not to bring harm to others. In this class students will start working more hands on with other students.

Teens and Adult: Ages 15+
We offer an intense adult level of training. Beginners learn their basic martial application while increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength and tempering before moving to the intermediate level. Working hands on to defend from any kind of situations including multiple attacker as well as defending from being attack with weapons.

Fitness & Cardio Boxing Class:
This program works on; cardio, flexibility, hand eye coordination, footwork/balance, toning and strength. This class only is 45 minutes located at 200 Middle Country Rd Middle Island, NY 
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